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1. Tecumseh Ignitions-Part 3, Point Condenser Magnetos


The earliest of these venerable cast iron engines had point-condenser magneto ignitions. A few have denied their existence. Figures 3-1, PointCondMag.jpg and 3-2, Magneto3.jpg show they do exist. See 143.559012, or 143.569042or 143.579042

Figure 3-1

Figure 3-2

Figure 3-3


Figure 3-3, TecPoints.jpg Shows the points.

Most of the problems with magnetos, especially after sitting a while, are dirty or burned out points. Many clean them and don't get a spark. They think the are clean, but if you put an Ohm meter on them, they show some resistance. The points have to be cleaned and re-checked with a meter until the meter shows no resistance, zero. A way to clean them is to put some carb cleaner on a business card and draw it thru the points, but not all the way to the edge or you will pull fibers out of the card and on to the points. The use of fine sand paper is common. The use of emery cloth is said to leave a residue of Aluminum oxide on the points. Aluminum oxide is an insulator so if you use it, follow up with cleaning. Set the gap to .020”.

Having points can be a great blessing if you have to convert to a battery powered make-brake ignition. The spark occurs when the points open on both the magneto and make-brake ignitions. See http://www.abbysenior.com/mechanics/ignition.htm for a good presentation on these ignitions. The condenser needs to match the coil.

NAPA coil and condenser , 7-01634 and 7-01338

Kohler coil and condenser, 41 519 21 S and 230722S